Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good visuals

At the beach, I said: Q -- how do you like the big waves and water? (Big smiles)

And then, "Q -- how do you like the big wind?" Scowley face. Me too.

S writes the boy's name. She did write the whole thing, but this shot seemed to fit here.

And speaking of good visuals, head on over to better than normal and watch Daniel's picture and clips. Then cheer a little for the now famous boy (and his very articulate mama). When you get to the post with pics of his wish trip you can see his versions of the very happy/oh so scowley faces, much like Q's above.

Are these two guys not the cutest boys ever? (Just say yes.)


Melanie said...

Well of course they are the cutest!!! and I laughed when i saw Q's face. He does the same look as Daniel does. I love how they are so expressive with their faces!! Daniel does this thing with his eye brows and it gets me smiling all the time! Sometimes he'll do it just to get the laugh! Such a comedian! I can't wait for warmer weather to play outside!

sleepy jeanne said...

Yes! They're both adorable :-)