Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last night a special needs nurse came up to us after the evening's meeting (campmeeting) and complimented me lavishly on my beautiful, well cared for, thoroughly loved boy. Q ate it up, of course. He loves it when people talk about him. Even more when they talk to him.

I sure wish his daddy were around to hear this too. He'd about bust his buttons over this little trooper, just as he always has with the bigger kids.

I also met the friend of one of my aunts. This nice lady knows other, extended family members as well, it would seem, and has already heard Q's story via those connections. She was kind and lovely, having survived the loss, nearly 35 years ago, of her new little Down's syndrome guy to an inability to take in nutrition in any form.

Do you ever look around and wonder who exactly is normal? Are there any "normal" kids? Are there any "normal" families? Wouldn't we all be boring if there were? Or maybe, if we were... Oh, never mind.

More later.

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