Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Shaking

Dear Oregonians and Californians, how's your earthquake preparedness coming along?

Shudder. (Pardon the pun.)

For that matter, how's anyone's disaster preparedness coming along? Good checklists can be found at the Red Cross, with lots of good help from your local chapter.

My personal addition is this: when putting together your kit, bear in mind that many folks are likely to be fairly unprepared. If you're able to, add items with this fact in mind. Perhaps first aid materials, water purification tablets (or bottles of water), a few extra cans of food, some toilet paper. Remember to rotate your supplies so they're nice and fresh. Put something fun in there, too. Card games are good. Extra Easter candy comes to mind. Think of it -- the world's in the midst of meltdown and only you have enough chocolate to buy off the officials who control the bridge! It's the last obstacle to freedom from the ruthless guards which now control and imprison us!

Wait. That was a movie, wasn't it?


Cara said...

I have a friend who is stocking ONLY chocolate -- she figures she'll rule the world in 3 days flat. I tend to agree with her!

Thinking of things at my Other Me's house...hope all is well.

Bird said...

The other day i was talking to a woman about making an appointment to have Charlie's shunt checked. She reminded me that I needed a copy of my films. It occured to me that if another big hurricane hit and i was forced to evacuate that I'd need that film! Crazy.

One more thing for my to-do list, right?