Thursday, April 17, 2008


They're all tucked in, with a few tears wiped, plenty of snuggles given. Q's finally down too -- this makes two nights in a row that he's been unable to be laid down 'til sometime in the wee hours. Last night it was nearly three, so tonight was decidedly an improvement.

Daybreak sees us back in the proverbial saddle: rescheduled piano lessons (recital is coming up first week of May) -- we could only squeeze in half their regular times for tomorrow; Q's SpEd teacher will visit while the kids are starting back to their schoolwork; there's tumbling in the afternoon; and, thanks to monetary miracles both at Christmas and last month, we're going to see The Newsboys tomorrow evening. We're very excited. Actually, that's something of an understatement. We're hopping up and down with excitement. When we got out from the baggage claim to the van earlier in the evening and were piling in luggage, "Something Beautiful" was playing on the radio. It made us a little giddy.

I'm going to bed since the boy is out, for at least a little while. It's so good to have them home...

G'night all.

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