Sunday, April 27, 2008

Notes from Friday

(During Q's PT session, I consulted with the assistive tech guy who is da man for equipment and modifications.)

CRIB modifications:
raise w/ 2nd mattress
check out toddler rail fitting
modify "safety" feature on railing?
Bring in paperwork for crib

Aug. Com.:
SpEd writes the letter, Speech Endorses it. . . . .
--1st -- AbleNet & 2 buttons
--2nd -- CheapTalk -- late summer?
. . . . .or I write it. Cut and paste pics from for PowerLink3 and 2 jellybean switches. Then email to Speech, OT, SpEd for approval then referral to FRC (Family Resource Coordinator) and DDD (Dept of Developmental Disability -- the folks who coordinate and pay for this).

Call Pharmacy re: broken chair basket and replacement.

Discuss further:
social affect vs. abilities -- emotional response can get in the way of motor skills -- limbic and motor cortex connections -- cortical damage is hard to disentangle.

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