Thursday, August 02, 2007


I've been up looking at curriculum and feeling whiny. On Sunday, I put 70 SPF on everyone but me and we got in the pool. Q especially loved it. It was his first time in such a big "tub". We had a blast. And now. I've got the worst sunburn I've had since I was 14. It's ridiculous, but there it is. I could just cry. My back is burning, prickly, leathered. My shoulder has decided now would be the perfect time to revisit an old injury, this time with repetitive use as the excuse. Q's a heavy kid.

So anyway, I'm up, all excited about the upcoming school year, and thought I'd share. Anybody else a-twitter at the prospect of a "Grow a Frog" kit? How about a set of biology slides? Outlining? Chemistry games?


Guess I'd better head to bed then. Here's a song that's been rattling around in my head:

How Could I Ask for More

There's nothing like the warmth of a summer afternoon
Waking to the sunlight, and being cradled by the moon
Catching fireflies at night
Building castles in the sand
Kissing Mama's face goodnight
Holding Daddy's hand
Thank you Lord, how could I ask for more

Running barefoot through the grass
A little hide and go seek
Being so in love, that you can hardly eat
Dancing in the dark, when there's no one else around
Being bundled 'neath the covers, watching snow Fall to the ground
Thank you Lord, how could I ask for more

So many things I thought would bring me happiness
Some dreams that are realities today
Such an irony the things that mean the most to me
Are the memories that I've made along the way
So if there's anything I've learned
From this journey I am on
Simple truths will keep you going
Simple love will keep you strong
Cause there are questions without answers
Flames that never die
Heartaches we go through are often blessings in disguise

So thank you Lord, oh thank you Lord
How could I ask for more

Have a good sleep and a blessed day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

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sleepy jeanne said...

I tend to do the same thing - put sunscreen on everyone but myself, and then get burned. Have the kids slather you with some of that aloe vera gel stuff.

I tagged you for a middle name meme thing... check it out on my blog if you like.

HUGS! No, a hug might hurt that sunburn...I'll just blow a kiss :)