Friday, August 03, 2007


Alright, homeschool people, how's your 07-08 planning coming? I'm nearly done, save for the weird HST complications. The tech support staff is downright awesome, but for some strange reason, the updated version is coming up as a read-only file. Not useful for creating lesson plans/schedules.

Folks have asked if they might be helpful regarding curriculum, so (shyly) I've decided to link my Amazon wish list. Here 'tis. Other than what's there, I've been looking at science games and frog dissection stuff. Any thoughts?

Q's PT told me this morning that she wrote into his chair Rx request/justification letter that he needs the rain hood and enclosure because CP renders him less able to regulate body temp, which is very true. So perhaps that in itself will be the miracle--it'll be approved and I won't have to worry about funding it.

The boot casting went very well. Q has the same sweet, patient personality that all the kids do--as long as they're not pushed too far. I get compliments at the dentist, the hair salon, the library, about how quiet, engaged, and polite the kids are. Most of the time. Anyway, he sat happily through the whole process, had some reflux, but mostly burbled and crowed his way through it all--even the warm gooey stuff all over his legs and the subsequent cutting off of the casts. The casting OT and the PT were very complimentary about both how easy he was and how attentive I am to his sibs, who are almost always with us. The therapy unit gets families who come in with trailing sibs and then don't pay any attention to the little darlings as they enjoy the therapy rooms (which look like big playrooms): swing from the chandeliers, run amok amidst the swings, or nearly trip kids in walkers. I would be completely horrified if one of mine tried that. Which means that next week, one of them will. Because no basking in a good mommy moment is complete without a subsequent setting down. Heh.

The process wore him out--we came home, nursed, crashed. Sometimes, when I'm tucking him in, I have a hard time not nibbling on his fat little cheeks or going back for one more squeeze or snuggle, which would surely wake him up. Have you heard that saying, "To have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk around outside your body"?

Yup. Times five.

Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

I have the Kingfisher First Encyclopedia. Would you like it?
If so email me.
Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

I belive that book is one i purchased off of your amazon list for you, it should be arriving anyday now. But now all your kiddos will have 2 to share! God bless!