Saturday, June 17, 2006

I miss my babies

So this week is over, or nearly so.

Thank God. Sometimes time, though flying by, doesn't move nearly fast enough. I want to get the kids back, deprogram them, and freeze frame on us all doing some nifty project at the table. Q nursing like the wee piglet of the bunch, S writing, asking, "What's an (insert letter here) look like?" K making her big old run-on sentences with, "How do you spell _____? How do you spell _____?" E writing the sweetest things about loving the sweetest mommy ever (couldn't you just eat her up?), and G drawing, reading, making rocket noises (at least he's progressed from dino sound effects).

My fingernails are a mess. Only a few more days, only a few more days.

Then a whole other effort must be embarked upon. Bringing them back to earth without breaking us all into little pieces.

Heavy sighs, rubbing tired eyes...

At least the Big Project, meant to be best use of time without kids, while also keeping me from going stark raving mad, has progressed. The carpet is out. By the end of the weekend, the laminate floor should be mostly laid through the "common areas" of the house. It would have been truly nearly impossible to have accomplished with the children here--I would have taken them to an auntie's house for several nights of sleeping over (all of us), to keep them out of the staples and yuck one finds under one's 26 year old carpet. Blech.

So there's that at least.

Al-ways look on the bright side of life...

How are you? Well, I hope. Steeped in family (the nice ones, anyway) and friends, immersed in loving and being loved, even in the daily-ness of things. May you sleep well, awake refreshed, and revel in a little (or a lot) of shared happiness this weekend.

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~ V ~ said...

Just 2 more days!

You'll have to tell me out about the flooring experience. Someday soon we'll have to replace this carpet...especially the corner in the living room under the piano bench.