Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Dancing

They're home!

They grew so much and seem like different kids, all in just two weeks. I am so happy they're here! I'm jumping up and down--see?! (I can't believe I survived the experience. I hate it desperately. Blech. Pppp-tooey.)

In other news...

Q had his ultrasound follow-up with the pediatrician on Monday. She's sending us on to a pediatric urologist. Maybe surgery, maybe not, it's hard to say at this point. In any case, no one discussed or noted their visual of something dark that looked maybe like bowel, maybe not, so I guess it's a non issue for now. Un/partially descended testicles and communicating, variable hydroceles are the issues. I've got to get the urologist and the genetecist and the vision therapy balls all rolling in the morning. It's a bit to track. Hopefully, in the big picture this is the stuff that will make a huge difference for little guy, even as it fills the short-term calendar and keeps us all on our toes, juggling madly.

He drooled all over his daddy at the airport today. The boy is teething. He wore a sweet little bib that says, "I Love Daddy" but still managed to drip and slobber his papa a good one. Q has become so slobbery that we walk around looking for drool puddles on the new laminate floor, trying to mop up before it can soak in and warp it.

The summer schedule is coming together. Tomorrow is the zoo with friends, our new piano lesson times have been scheduled for all four of the bigger kids starting next week. I'm still waiting to hear whether or not the kids will be traveling for visits, so VBS is still a maybe. I'm planning to get in the science and history that flew out the window when the kids were enrolled. I've also got to get S and K back on their fun little learning to read plans. We have two birthdays coming up, and stuff to plan for those. Family will be visiting from another state, hopefully we'll get some time at the beach in there somewhere. Q continues with his weekly therapy, which I forget every week until the day before. Perhaps I'm blocking the unpleasant portions of reality?

So there we are, I guess. It's supposed to get roasty toasty hot over the next several days, so we can pull out the swimsuits, stock up on popsicles, and drag out the sprinkler for play while also watering the lawn and gardens. Multitasking. Hurrah!

Did I mention that my kids are home?

Woo hooooooo!!

I'm taking stuff so my faucet, or nose, will let me sleep. Off I go then. Sleep well. Tomorrow morning, lavish love on the people around you, tell them it's from me. And my darling babies. They're home, you know.

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