Friday, June 02, 2006

Guess what?

It's raining.

It will stop intermittently through the beginning of July in order to allow us to revel in the emerald green-ness of the landscape and marvel that the surroundings are so spectacular. We will see the awesome mountains often enough to remember they are there and plan hikes accordingly. The third of July will be lovely. The fourth of July will be overcast, with light sprinkles. The fifth of July will be lovely. And summer will last through mid-October.

Welcome to the Northwest.

I heard today that Alexandrium dinoflagellates have been found at levels 1000 times what they ought to be not far from here. Red tide's rising. Guess who researched and wrote up a project of Alexandrium in his senior marine biology summer? It was an interesting paper.


At least the wet pattering on the roof and dripping of the eaves makes for a nice June lullaby.


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