Friday, April 21, 2006


Q had his assessment for neurodevelopmental therapy yesterday. The therapist is really nice, very knowledgeable and thorough. Good thing, because we'll be seeing her every week at least until Q's walking.


Of course I'm glad that we're in and doing good stuff with him, but geez--could the kid catch a break already? Maybe the break was that he's not having seizures?

Everything we're going to do now is to help him not extend so much. His little thumbs need stretching, because he clenches them inside his fingers. He's not to spend much time standing, something he likes to do. His arms and shoulders need stretching, because he pulls them tightly in and doesn't use them to hold himself up on his tum like most babies his age do. He needs to have his hands brought in to the midline for him--think endless rounds of "pattycake." He needs to be encouraged to have his hands up to his face and tummy and each other, because he's not initiating that himself. Also, he seems to be "disorganized" by lighter touch which would explain why he's still loving to be swaddled and hated it when I initiated a light touch infant massage.

He's on the waiting list for speech evaluation, because he gags spontaneously sometimes, and far too often for a baby this age is having trouble getting a tight latch while breastfeeding. In spite of that, he seems to be gaining and growing exceptionally well.

So next week is: eye appointments for G and Q, well-baby check for Q, counseling for G, E, K, S, and something else... Hmmm. I'll have to check the calendar. I hate it when these things won't stay in my head.

Off to feed the starving (not) child. :o)



Under the Sky said...


How are YOU doing? Hoping you are healing in some small way. May He be near you today!


Old Dominion Heather said...

I am really appreciating the updates. Glad you like the therapist. We have a great relationship with our Ped. Opthmologist. Get on a first name basis. You will be spending lots of time together.

We are still praying for you guys.