Saturday, November 06, 2010


Sliding into home again.  The week is done, but for the push through church and all that entails.  I'm glad this week is over - too many enormous things piled up too easily upon my head.  One shouldn't have a week which involves an urgent trip to the IRS office.  Even if the reason is ultimately good and even beneficial, which I think it was.  Still, no.  "Urgent" and "IRS" plus foiled expectations do not make for a week of bon-bons and pedicures.


Three Good Things, then, with which to spin my brain and heart around.

The weather has been shockingly warm and lovely.  It hasn't felt like November, though it's dripping a bit out there now.  We've been running in the midst of twirling leaves, settling themselves down to the ground.  Their colors are saturated burgundies and bronzes, lush greens, toasty browns, and then splashes of juicy yellows.  The sky has ranged lately from turquoise to lapis and then dipped into all those lovely shades of cornflower.  I've wanted to bite it.  Because it looks luscious.

Warmth.  Friends, family, fleece pullovers, sweaters, hot drinks, hats, inspiring reading, shared moments, a post-run shower.  All so nice.  It's good to have the autumn nip in the air as the sun sinks for the day.  And good too, to have the option to be warm in all the important ways.

Progress.  I love it so.  I'm thinking tonight of friends who have struggled over the last several weeks, in their relationships, inside their heads, in their life's work.  Each of them has pushed with everything they've got for the too elusive progress, and they may not yet know it, but their efforts have already paid off.  Their clients are happier, their spouses and children more settled of soul and grateful to be so, and their interior lives already feel calmer and more kindly disposed.  They've each engaged in a Herculean effort, one which often feels all too Sisyphean in nature, an undertaking that has required more of them than they thought they had, and?  The results are trickling in.  There's been a slight but elemental shift.  Their work has been rewarded and will continue to be so as it builds on itself exponentially.  And I am awestruck, watching these things unfold.  To desire change, to commit to being that change, and then to do it...  It is a stunning thing to behold.

Thank you for being here and for reading. 

May you too experience a shift, may it be whatever you truly need - even more than what you want, and may you know a bottomless renewal in that shift.  Take a new grip with your tired hands, baby, and strengthen those knees.  Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who follow behind, though they be weak and lame, will not falter but become strong.   (Hebrews 12: 12, 13)


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divatobe said...

Thanks again for a timely post; this past week was a flattening one. Thank you for the reminder to get back up!