Saturday, November 27, 2010

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This week brought snow, record low temperatures, a power outage, and odd miscommunications between an otherwise very reliable doctor's office and the pharmacy (which bent rather far backward in resolving the issue).  The house stayed pretty warm the night the power was out - aided no doubt by the addition of four extra people, happily marooned here by slippery hills.  The wind chill that night was around zero, but it only got down to 60 inside before the heat came back on.  The following night was colder - I woke around five thinking that my face was startlingly cold and listening for Q to complain about the same, but buried myself immediately in the soft and warm blankies and passed right out again.

It has been a fun week, despite some unusual frustrations.  It's been a fun year, really.  New responsibilities for me at church morphed into a unique service opportunity which seems to be showing lasting effects.  Creative projects popped up all over.  We're all learning, growing, doing - and efforts made have given evident results.  It's all good.

Many of you know some part of this family's story over the last five years.  Heck, some of you have known the whole story, from before there was this family.  The last five years have been something rather indescribable.  Certainly nothing like I'd expected.  And yeah, if I had a do-over, there are major things I'd change.  But life is very good, despite the undeniable holes (they're how the light gets in, after all), and for this we are profoundly grateful.

Things are shifting a little here.  Q continues to grow, which means escalating physical needs.  He's also about to have another round of appointments with specialists, new ones this time.  Other family members are experiencing upticks in accomplishments and output.  The combination of these factors means that we could use a different look at how life proceeds at our house.

So first, a short, annotated wish list (it always helps to make a list and throw it out there - one never does know what will come of it), then one of gratitude. 

Things Which Would Make Life Easier in Some Way:

  • Perhaps the most useful "thing" would be a sort of housekeeper type person.  I'm coming to realize the sheer number of hours I must spend functioning as some level or type of specialist in order for the individuals in this family to succeed:  massage therapist, personal care provider, nursing, administrative tasks, organizer, supervisor, chef, chauffeur, buyer, bookkeeper, events planner and coordinator, accompanist to music practices, teacher, tutor, official snuggler, and on and on.  At some point I run out of hours and collapse.  If there were someone who could take a little bit of the plant services/housekeeping portion of my job description?  Oh, wow.  Just thinking about it makes me all misty-eyed.  This item is something I'm musing on, more than listing, really.  The kids are big helps, but they have their own stuff to do too, like learn, play, and be children. 
  • IT specialist, also not a "thing."  At this time I don't have what it takes to add this to my list in the Job Description.  We have stuff going on here which needs attention from someone who knows his/her stuff, and that person won't be me in the foreseeable future.
Lovely and loving people.
Running.  (And sweating.  There, I said it.)

Snow and the melting thereof.
A warm place to keep the brood when it's horribly cold outside.
Money.  Enough to manage the important things.
A nice bag of Brussels sprouts.  Which K is going to roast for me.
Paperwork, because it means that there are solutions to otherwise thorny problems.
Resources and a brain which links them up.

Dissection kits.
Carmex and lotion for early winter weather.
Hugs from punkins.
A fun time at the movies with friends.

And now, to bed.  Hope your wish lists and gratitude lists collide in spectacular ways.


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divatobe said...

You may have read this essay before--my high school English teacher had us read it. Thought it was funny at the time, but now I think it's absolutely true!