Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's been a big week in neuropsych land:  visits and meds and blood work.  Poor little Q got stuck twice and now has a bruise on at least one of his arms from the phlebotomist chasing the wee rolling veins around.  Q took it well at the time (he usually does), but was feeling fragile by the evening.  Meanwhile, I'd like points for not crying, throwing up, or passing out while holding his arms still.  I watched the needle the whole time, praying over it a little, willing the guy to just get it, already.  Sometimes the curse words should be bigger.

We seem to be in the middle of the yearly misunderstanding re: healthcare coverage and processing of paperwork for the kids, so I laid an unholy amount of money out for prescriptions, with fingers crossed that at least part of it will be covered.  Feeling rather nauseous about that, now that Q's blood draws are done.

Three Good Things, and then to bed.

First, that we have really, truly, incredibly good doctors.  Funny, smart, and they get it.  Awesome.

Second, that I have made the week run on very little sleep.  I may be on the verge of maxing out my lifetime caffeine allotment, but at the moment I'm just seriously grateful that we managed ALL THE THINGS (with some well-timed help, thank you so very much, you angels know who you are) and we're all in one piece, we're all friends, still on the same side even, and everyone seems to be really doing very well.  I worry about that part, you know.  So I'm glad for the lovingkindness I see in my punkins, especially when it's spontaneous and between the siblings and when I'm this wiped out.  Does a tired mama's heart good.

Third, I'm going to bed now.  The rest of the perpetual Q laundry will hit the washer in the daylight hours, somewhere between church activities (which would be the fourth good thing, were I not almost asleep right now) and bedtime next.  And there will be bleach and soaking and (TMI alert!) various bodily fluids will be washed away and all will be fresh and pleasant once again, and I don't even care about any of that right now because I'm going to my bed and shall try not to pass out in the middle of a face plant into the pillow.


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Carolyn said...

You watch the needle? Shudder! I needed to put my head on my knees while the oral surgeon was talking about how he'd do a skin graft for dd ... needle watching is something I just don't do. I had a huge knot on my backside three hospitalizations ago as a reminder for why I should sit down sooner rather than later when the room starts to get black and white and grainy. Delay can result in almost missing the chair and bouncing off an armrest!

Hugs, and happy laundry! May this winter provide you with good traveling weather for all your outside appointments. (That's on my mind now ... we've got a WINTER STORM (hip hip, hooray!) and have cancelled today.)