Monday, July 13, 2009


I hurt my back cleaning out the house. Wah. I'm all whiny about this, because the kids were going to be here last night. They aren't home yet, which I'm sad about, but at least this way they get to be with their dad for a couple more evenings. But since they aren't home yet, I was looking forward to really digging in, hauling out more stuff, all the way into all the corners of every single room. Or as close as I could get to that in an extra 48 hours.

Instead, I am working out creative ways to hoist Q, taking those half doses of Vicodin and muscle relaxers only at night, because if I'm going to be here alone with the boy, I need to be able to drive and all, even if it's not likely that I'd need to. I'm glad the weaning of the meds is going well, because at least then I'm not too worried about that -- seizure activity.

A friend has been here helping a bit this afternoon so I don't have to lean into the dishwasher, lift laundry baskets, crawl into wierd and awkward positions... Anyhoo, she's about to take off, so I'm going to try to feed the little monkey and then somehow entice him to nap. When I've tried to get him down in the afternoons lately, he's cried piteously, as though I'm somehow torturing him by noticing that he's tired.


XO, hope y'all are well.

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