Friday, July 03, 2009


Almost a week ago, a wee box arrived. Inside was an even smaller box. I was a little nervous, because small boxes contain either rocks and bugs and musty dried up flowers or expensive objects, usually electronic, and often somewhat confounding to me.

Inside the little box was this, an iTouch, with gift certificates enough to purchase Proloquo2go, an app that may just allow Q the beginnings of his very own voice. I'm posting this from my brother and sister-in-law's house, as I'm figuring out the way cool features -- like wi-fi.

There is no way to properly thank the lovely people behind this incredible surprise gift. But I'll say it anyway -- thank you. So much. I find myself lately regularly saying those words and every time I do, wishing there were some way, some short and useful way, to express the welling up of gratitude, right up from my toes... Since there's not really a good shorthand for all that emotion and superlative thankfulness, I'll just be sticking with the old standard -- thank you. This totally rocks.

And who knows? This could help Q to someday say "thank you" too.

Wow. And thank you. Again and again.


Carolyn said...

Wow! Neato! Nifty!

I look forward to hearing what Q does with it.

Mr. Salisbury said...

Be sure to check if you have the latest firmware. Apple recently upgraded it to allow for use with bluetooth among other things ($10 cost for upgrade). There are so many free educational games and fun stuff you don't have to pay for. I got one for Janel but Jaden learned how to use it right away. Now we have to keep it out of sight or he would ask for "games" all day long. He also likes to watch his favorite videos on it.It will be a great thing for Q! Let me know how it goes. Get invisible shield for it ASAP! That way no scratches on screen or back. Google it. So happy for you guys!