Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good stuff, for which I'm grateful

I'm picking up the big kids in less than a week.

Q is growing -- intellectually, emotionally, physically -- and happy, not drug-addicted, in pain, or sad and unable to tell me about it. (Boy, will he be glad to have the kids back. He was pretty sanguine for the first couple of weeks, remembering that they've done this before and rolling with it, but he's been less patient about their absence over the last week.)

There are a lot of people out there who care enough about my kids and how they turn out that there are a constant stream of prayers going up on our behalf. There are a shorter list of people who put forth serious daily effort to make sure that my kids have what they need. I'm absolutely on my face thankful every day for both of these groups, especially where they overlap in word, thought, and deed.

The one up-side to being essentially on my own is the serious set of mommy muscles I've grown and will continue to cultivate. I always had 'em with each kid, from newborn through toddler stages, but carting Q and all his stuff means frequently hoisting 30-40 plus pounds of stuff several times a day. So, you know, that adds up.

I am so glad to be able to read. I can't imagine my life without the ability to use the written word, to use it for research (and my self-imposed "CE" endeavors -- heh), for pleasure, for helping the punkins.

The chance to be with and sink myself thoroughly into these five children is such a privilege. It is for many reasons an absolute necessity, but that in no way lessens the blessing it is to me.

I am grateful for a sense of wonder. Seeing the snow-topped mountains blush pink to the east as the sun slips behind and shows in hazy blue and coral relief those to the west? It perpetually elicits a "wow...".

I get to teach some art to some kids in a few weeks. I am excited and terrified and I can't wait. This is yet another reason I love our church -- plenty of people create fabulous opportunities for their own children, but who does this sort of thing as outreach? Apparently, we do. What a singular thing to be involved with people who are all about giving hands and feet to their faith. And for my children to be immersed in it? Awesome.

Did I mention the part where I'm picking up the oldest four? Yup, pretty excited about that.

On that note, it's off to bed, for which I'm also grateful. Projects await tomorrow, lots to do yet before the kids are back, and time just spins and spins, doesn't it?

Hope you're having a lovely summer, getting to really revel in the ripe deliciousness of it with your littles, your not so littles, and their mama/daddy.


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