Wednesday, July 23, 2008

See mommy run

Q and I had a big fun day: paperwork, OT, groceries, pharmacy, berries, Speech, bank, and we topped it off with a fast walk around the lake. We covered two miles in just under half an hour, including those little hills. I was racing to get back to the van so I could call the big kids. We ended up out of breath and giddy, both of us. Me from working up a thorough sweat on my way to endorphins (and children), him from the wind in his face and trying to keep track of all those puppies out walking their people. Anyway, we were just goofy by the time I got him buckled from stroller/chair into his carseat.

It's nice to get out and really move fast. The giggly part was fun too, even if it meant lots of drool -- which reminds me, it's time to wash the straps for his equipment (pausing to stretch). Now the boy's out and it's my turn. The morning brings more raspberry jam and tidying, errands and phone calls, hopefully also finalizing the last of the curricula. G'night. Sweet dreams.

(Unless you went to bed at a sensible time and rose accordingly, in which case: Good morning!!)

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Alphabet Pam said...

Anything you need/want for curriculum? Is it time for a new Amazon wishlist post? Anything you're drooling over, nevermind the Q drool?