Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting ready

Grandpa has G at the ortho office with a loose bracket. Again. We did this a week ago. After much quizzing, it comes out that both events were preceded immediately by ingestion of soup and it's attendant bread bowl. Argh. Bread bowls bad. Bad, bad, bad.

S is running around, "packing" like a squirrel on speed. Come to think of it, this is sort of a permanent setting for her. Busy. Oh, so busy. And always finding miscellany to stuff into sundry containers, preferably ones that zip. Drawstrings are also acceptable. (I'm remembering K and E also having this phase. For E it involved a tiny backpack full of currants. Yes, you read that right.) So this morning she's been reminded that she still needs to grab her toothbrush when she exclaims, index finger in the air and eyes wide, "Yes. And I'll be getting the princess one, just like I am..." And she's already left the room at a sprint.

There are only rare moments when I'm not cracking up at whatever she has to share or pronounce. The other day she declared it a "pity" that Grandma was at work. Because, you know there are so many other, better things to be doing with one's time.

I love this part. I keep thinking that I'd better be getting all this stuff down, and quick, before it fades away. I used to keep a calendar with all the kids' quotes on the fridge so I could record all the delightful randomness as it occurred. These days, the fridge calendar has pretty much only appointments on it. Sigh. I suppose it was another casualty of the world tilting on it's axis? Or maybe I just switched venues and now I'm putting it down here?

In any case, it's time to reclaim this part of the unadulterated loveliness that represented family life and roll in it, baby.

So there.

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