Sunday, March 09, 2008

Did you know...

...That egg does not come off a van window or any other part in a car wash?

Me either. But I do now.

Oh -- and, guess what? Q is throwing off his blankies in the night. Again, this is one of those things that may not sound like much but the boy has been practically immobile in his sleep for the longest time. It's very cool indeed to have him doing things that lean heavily toward the neurotypical side of behaviors. C'mon, let's happy dance. A one and a two...

And now he's sobbing again. He must have had a nightmare during his nap because he got up just plain inconsolable. Food wasn't the answer. Random noises are ticking him off. Losing his grip on his toy is enough to bring the world to an end. I thought he'd be happier with a fresh diaper but even clean pants haven't mended his little heart. Well, he had a few minutes of pleasant conversation. Guess that was his limit for the day. Heh.

Wah. Off to rescue E -- who rescued Q. Sometimes I wonder about him. He's all snuggled up to her right now, shooting me sidelong glances that say, "See, mom, somebody cares. Somebody gave me what I wanted. Ha. All I wanted was to be snuggled/carried/nuzzled/carriedcarriedcarried. Sheesh, lady."

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