Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Jack

Prayers needed. And I'll stop complaining about being tired. I bet Jack's mom and dad would cheerfully take zero sleep forever if it would help him.


Deb said...

Hi, I random blogged onto your site. I have six kids and we also homeschool. My fourth daughter has Down's syndrome, athetoid/dystonic cp and a congenital cardiac defect.
Will pop back in again soon,
God bless,

also found at

ps are you a member of the homeschool lounge?

sleepy jeanne said...

My nephew was about Jack's size when he was born. Now he's a happy, healthy 2 year old. Just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to find out how Jack is doing? I'm just in awe of how tiny, yet perfect he is. I hope he is as tough as he looks. His family will be in my prayers.

Amy/The Foil Hat