Thursday, October 18, 2007


If your children have braces or if you're considering orthodontia for any family member, would you be so kind as to post a comment stating the expected length of treatment and approximate cost (or quote)?

I'm researching options, but love the orthodontist I've picked. The price here for G is $6580, including all visits and maintenance (retainers) with treatment expected to last roughly 18 mos--depending of course on how it goes. This particular guy is on sabbatical from a well-respected dental school, does everything with the latest research in mind, and usually ends up shaving several months off treatment time because of his commitment to precision. I had braces (from him) for only 14 mos. He'll make me a new retainer when I can get in--as part of the lifetime service provision. He and his office are personable, lovely, streamlined.

Thanks for your help and have a luverly day.


Katy said...

That sounds high. $4000 for each of my last two dc. It included braces, visits and retainers. Treatmant lasted 18 months for both. My ds also had a Herbst(sp?) contraption that moved his jaw forward. Saw amazing results! HTH!

Katy (Rich with kids)

Hillary said...

I have a son who's spending 6-9 months with just a lip bumper and a TPA *prior* to braces.

Then braces for an expected 18 mos.

The final cost was $5,000. But this is an ortho with lots of extras: cookies in the waiting room, the latest equipment, portrait taken when done, etc. It's probably added a bit to the cost but.... it's what's in town.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Northern VA but came from Tx. Ds had stage one braces when he was 8, for a year. That included widening his upper palate and straightening a front tooth that was turned sideways. Cost was maybe 2500, but we had insurance. Never did stage two b/c of funds. Would've cost about 6200, projected 2 years.
Other son had a look-see, ortho said 6500, two years. Couldn't do that one, either.

Almost Lazarus said...

3 of my 4 needed braces. Number 1 was simple overbite/xbite. 18 months, 3500.

Other two needed extensive treatment, teeth pulled, expanders, head gear, 24 months each, follow up with retainers, about $4500 each.

I don't know, I thought the above was spendy due to the ortho's rather trendy address, but yours is quite a bit higher. My insurance paid 50%. The second two did receive a 5% discount for multiples from the same family.

~ V ~ said...

For J it was just under 3K for "Phase I" of headgear and just recently braces on the four upper front. This will last about 12 months. After that, we'll see.

We're still waiting for the ortho to be convinced that M's baby tooth will never come out, so he should use it in the reconstruction (it's hereditary, no perm. tooth under it). Depending on the treatment options, that could run into several thousand also.

Heh...our ortho has the cookies (and fruit) in the waiting room also. He's the only one in town that can handle J's special circumstances. Our regular dentist/ortho office referred us over to him.

Anonymous said...

We live in Birmingham, Alabama. Both sons needed braces. We used the Dental/Orthodontic school at the University. Both together totalled $5200. No matter how long, nor what all was involved. We were told from the beginning to expect at least 18 months--that is the average. Younger son got his off in August after 20 months, and is now in his retainers. Older son is still in his braces. So we paid $2600. per child, but we also got $1000. back from insurance per child. Not too bad.

ChristyB in AL

Anonymous said...

Mine will be totally unrealistic because we live in Antigua, Gautemala. For dd to have braces and all the work will be a total of $900 US. The process will be about 1 year, give or take depending on how much they need to do.

I guess my friends in MN pay around $3500 or so. The price you quoted seemed super high to me.

Dayle in Guatemala

Anonymous said...

Here in eastern North Carolina, we spent about $6000 on my younger dd's mouth, and she's been in treatment for about 2 years. However, during that time, she also had to have dental surgery to rescue an impacted tooth, so she's needed extended time. I think it's typically 18 months.


Anonymous said...

Child #1: Braces twice in two phases. 2000 first time, 4900 second time. Had lip bumper, one front tooth was sideways, head gear. Total of 3+ years.

Child #2: Phase one 1400 (9 months), phase two: 3500. Not a lot to do with her.

Child #3: One phase: 4700, 1 1/2-2 years projected. Head gear and possible osteotomy. (with an extra 500 if that is the case)

Child 2 and 3 had multiple child discounts.

Sigh...I have two more who'll need them as well.