Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So G and E had dental appointments this morning. G needs braces to keep him functioning orally, E has four little "watch" spots--contact areas in baby teeth. E's also going to the orthodontist so we can find out how much her prospective scenario would cost. We used to have a running joke. The life insurance would be for the therapy they'd inevitably need (ha). Seems like instead it should be for their teeth. Who knew orthodontia could be so expensive? Or so necessary? G has chipped a tooth as a result of a bad bite. He's likely to do it again, only worse. So. Another puzzle to figure out.

We went on to OT for G, speech for Q. Errands after, then lunch and school all afternoon. Which reminds me--yesterday, when we were doing the narration for the Aesop's fable (First Language Lessons) about the crow and the water pitcher it was time for me to ask prompting questions. This is really for K, but S pretty well holds her own. When I asked about the problem the crow had to solve, K said, "He was thirsty." Yes he was. Good job, K. S nodded and said, "He should've just gone down to the nearby lake." Huh? There's no lake in the story. Oh, wait. You are your parents' daughter--the ones who chose not to answer, but both argued, to the examiner, each making nearly identical points, the orientation and validity of the same Myers-Briggs question. You cute little contrarian, you. I hope you also inherited the sense of humor. Sweet girl.

Q napped between 5:30 and 8:30 this evening. I got everyone almost down and was just about to sneak into bed myself when he got up. Argh. I am so tired that my face itches, my throat burns, my nose wishes it was running. The last weeks have been crummy for real accumulation of rest and recharge time. I was about to dissolve into a puddle of tears when Q decided he could nonchalantly nurse and pass out. So he just went down and I'm going to head off too. Piano in the morning.


Sweet dreams, nice people. Mwaaa.

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