Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thank you

I've run across a family that could use your prayers. They have seven kids, homeschool, and the baby is having some pretty major issues. It's both a blessing and a little eerie to run across folks facing some of the same big issues we are. Their little Noah will be having a biopsy to diagnose a probable mitochondrial disease. Interestingly, just this week Q's geneticist raised the possibility of a mitochondrial issue. This because of Q's growth pattern in comparison to his siblings. He's gained about 8 ounces since February.

In reading their story, it struck me that I haven't posted a gratitude list here in awhile. I keep them on notebook paper or in blank books next to my bed, but it's past time to share here as well. Here goes.

Having five awesome kids. I'm sometimes still surprised that they're all mine and this life I'm leading is really mine. I am a blessed mama to have friends and family (lots and lots of friends and family) who support me in being with the kids full-time. With all that Q has going on, homeschooling has become especially precious, allowing me more time with and tailoring of particular details to each of the kids individually.

Miracles. Every day something manifests that has no logical reason to show up the way it does. Last year's tuition for the kids, whole curricula packages for next year, help when and where it's needed most. I am constantly astounded at the way Grace appears. I find this so compelling that I often think about t-shirts and bumper stickers that would share the message.

A roof, four walls, cozy beds, parents who tolerate me and my noisy brood. I am grateful to have a safe and loving place for us to be. And that what is now our home, a place we used to just visit, as noted by G, is far more than mere basics. The yard is great, the garden is huge, the chickens are growing, the Christmas present play equipment is heavily used. Much of this represents a child's Nirvana. Awesome.

Resources. OT, PT, Speech, Early Intervention, Community Health Nurse, various developmental agencies. We have great people, sweet, kind and lovely people, who enjoy Q, know their stuff, and work so hard at what they do so well.

The little van. It runs, it has seat belts, it's in great shape for having nearly 143,000 miles on it. We have transportation for the doctor visits, therapies, church, and fun activities, and it gets around 21 mpg almost all of the time. Astounding.

Sarah in FL who sent me sheet music I was looking for. One never knows, does one? Thank you, Sarah. I'm enjoying it immensely--every time I sit down to it, it reinforces my above take on grace.

My in-laws. I cannot express how much it has meant with all the craziness surrounding Q's diagnostic process, therapies, misc. medical crud, and the more usual issues the other kids are having--being children, after all--to have extended family just rise to the occasion, be there, as it were, when things are plain awful otherwise. The more typical response in these circumstances would not entail folks putting themselves out there as you have. Your efforts are a representation of Christ on earth. I am grateful beyond words.

Chocolate. Seriously. Good, dark chocolate. It's rarity, both in quality and dosing (hee), makes it that much more precious.

I'll have more later. I've got to get Q's Trileptal refilled this morning and some paperwork done so he can continue to have medical coverage. Little details, huh?

Blessings, grace and peace to you and yours.

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