Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain, Rain...

...Get outta here.

Our brief reprieve seems to be over. It's been pouring here, off and mostly on, for about seven years now. Or so it seems. We just closed up the GST (garage sale tent) so it wouldn't get all re-soggified after airing out this morning.

Pardon me for sounding a little hysterical, but this business of unending July rain is hideous. Oh, you say, you live in the Northwest, you're used to rain. Not like this, I'm not. Ahem.

No. This is summer. This is when it doesn't rain, sometimes for weeks and weeks. This is when the little green tomatoes turn all blushy and happy and make us swoon. This is when the bees and butterflies and dragonflies and birdies are out dancing all over the garden and seem just a little high on flower nectar.

I was out on the swing with Q earlier. When we looked up to spot the Canadian Goose group that was flying over, I expected them to be flying south. They weren't, but I don't know why not.


Oh well. Perhaps this is the Almighty telling me to get my crud together where I can: indoors.

We've been digging out here. Thus the desert period in blog posting and the genesis of the GST. I'm t.i.r.e.d. of sorting, hauling, tossing. I'm loving the results--room for Q's indoor therapy swing to really, you know, swing. Plus, as the boy gets bigger, there's more and more equipment with which to consume floor space.

This is the point where I wish I could afford a 6,000 square foot house all my own so we could dedicate at least a whole room to Q's therapy/play stuff, so we could stay better out of my poor parents' hair, and so the kids could have a little space between each of them. The girls are growing and E especially is feeling the need to fly more solo. Q's crib and my bed take up most of the room in our shared room, so it's usually a casually organized mess.


I don't want to whine, so I won't. We're better than fine. We've got lots of room to play, indoors and out. We've got great food, cozy shelter, lovely beds, fantastic friends and family, books galore, pretty colors on the walls and pre-adolescent humor running rife. Woo. Hoo.

Perhaps the thing which currently rankles most is that Monday we'll be back in court. The agenda is Child Custody and Visitation, and Support issues. I'd thought (hoped) that the custody and visitation issues were more or less resolved, that the only remaining question was follow-through. Apparently, all this makes me jittery. At least the primary side-effect of me being on the verge of fury/panic is that I must clean! Organize! Put away! So things are looking tidier by the hour. By tomorrow night the floor will shine! Nay, glow! The walls will all possess their new coats of paint! (Only the dining room and hallways have been done so far.) There won't be a stray thread or dead bumblebee anywhere on the planet! Ha!!

Or the stress will abate. Either way, who cares. It'll still be raining. Last I heard, flash floods are expected tomorrow. Wheee.

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