Thursday, June 28, 2007


Monday was a court date. Not much to tell--the pertinent issues have been continued to the next court date, mid-July or August? Nothing's scheduled yet, as far as I can tell. The judge denied his requests based on timing and "lack of cooperation". The next date will handle financial matters. As much as I would like the stress to go away, I'm trying to just breathe and let it go. I'm 100% positive that there's something bigger afoot here than what I can see, so yeah, just breathe in, breathe out. I'm praying that he'll make some good choices. If he doesn't, well, consequences for one's actions arrive, one way or another. It's very sad, really very sad. All this represents to me a waste of a perfectly good person. And then there's the kids.


Q is still taking clonazepam. He'll start Reglan as soon as the insurance company approves it. He's been hungrier lately and really does need more food. The problem has been that feeding him more than two solid meals and nursing several times a day results in lots of spit up, crankiness, and "constipation"--for him, an inability to move what's there, more than what one would ordinarily think of as actual constipation. The Reglan should affect his esophageal sphincter, holding the food down a little better, and should help the stomach empty a little more quickly, thereby making room for the meals he wishes he was eating. His height (6/25) was in the 60th %, his weight in the 25th %, his head in the -3rd %.


Sometimes it's a little much to wrap one's brain around, you know? If someone had told me three years ago that this is what I'd be doing, I'd have been stunned into speechlessness. Especially since I didn't so much plan on having a fifth child--my little bonus guy. On the other hand, Q is saying "hi" more and more often, still says "go", started saying "no"--only appropriate about half the time, but he's vocalizing with intent, so hurray! The other night S was standing behind him, emphatically saying she wanted a bath--his favorite of all activities since he seems to be actually a fish more than a boy. Q wrenched himself backwards and around to holler "BA!!" at her. A moment I will cherish, it represents major progress: the "b" sound is much more difficult than the sounds he makes more regularly, and he communicated exactly what he wanted in a distinctly timely fashion. Awesome.

Q has his new weight bearing splints, his new neoprene splints to hold his thumb are done, he has a little neoprene suit with boning in the back to help him be upright when he's propped to sit, his boots are yet to be scheduled for molds and fitting, his swing needs to be hung, the switch had to be sent back because they'll only pay for one and the therapists wanted the one with two buttons. And I rescheduled his vision therapy so I can keep the appointment I made to get my hair cut today.

The septic system is having issues. I did seven loads of laundry yesterday (about half of the week's worth), ran the dishwasher once (the usual being more like two or three times), and we couldn't run any more. We've gone to paper everything until the guy can get here in the morning. Some trees have to come out and he has to redig part of the drain field.

E is recovering from strep and some of us are coughing up green crud. S still has an "itchy bottom", despite the appropriate application of all appropriate substances and thinking we'd kicked it. Argh. I'm planning to give it the weekend and then take her back in.

I wanna go back to Tahiti. There's a beach on one of the tinier islands that's pink--it's made of crushed seashells. Pink. A pink beach. I wonder how much it would cost to get us all there? Hmmm. I wonder how the kids would do on an eight hour flight? (I wonder what homeschooling laws are like, what therapies are available there. E has recently expressed a desire to learn French--I wonder how long it would take the kids to pick it up?) When we were in Tahiti for our tenth anniversary (you'd be surprised at how much you can see there for not much money), we didn't go to the island with the pink beach. We'd planned to go back and take the kids--as soon as they were big enough to get into snorkeling. I think they're big enough, since they're all part fish as well, and I'm ready now, thanks. I bet Q would like it there too. After all, there's plenty of warm water. And the kids all like pink...

Back to the daily stuff. Say it with me: "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can. . . I did it."


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you Carrie. I know you are in a place you never dreamed of and not of your choosing. God bless you and keep you!

Squeaky said...

I am currently taking a class at WSU Vancouver which is introducing some basic concepts of teaching English to students who are not native speakers. Basically, in the book, the most recent research says that children who are younger will use the same part of their brain for both languages they learn and will be more native like speakers without an accent. Adults for some reason seem to use a different part of their brain for the new language they learn.