Friday, June 15, 2007


So I went to the state homeschool thing and I'm going back with the kids after a bit. Q's asleep and will stay here with grandma--as soon as she gets home from work.

I ordered a raspberry mocha (nice and warm on a rainy morning) and forgot to specify decaf. So I drank the last swig and thought, "Why am I sort of buzzing around on the ceiling? Oh no." I'm still a little wired. I never drink actual full-octane coffee, so the buzzing in my head right now is a smidge uncomfortable. I'd be pretty high on the thrill of the new books all by themselves, so yeah, the combination of the homeschooler's catnip (new curricula) and that sneaky caffeine have me typing really, really fast. Sadly, it makes my fingers stutter, too.

I just love books. The shape, the smell, the satiny smooth crispness of new pages. The heft of paper or hardback, the way they stack, and then of course there's content. Just to keep it interesting. Heh. I got some timeline posters, the latest edition of Homeschool Tracker (not books, but bear with me), Strunk and White's nifty little book, Saxon 2 and 7/6 (we're still recovering from the debacle of brief enrollment at a small Christian school which just wasn't equipped to handle what we needed), some writing papers, a couple of birthday presents (journals--shhh), and SOTW 3 CDs. I'm going to take my kids back to meet Jim Weiss--it'll be a celebrity sighting for this group. There were some fun looking art booths there too, so I'm hoping we have time to walk around all of them. I may go back to look at the maps again, too. They have a convention price on, so it's two for the price of one and a half. Very nice. And no shipping.

Ack. I've gotta go drink a gallon of water or something. The buzzing is getting too loud.

Happy new school year! I love this. (So we don't officially start 'til August. Whatever.)

Bzzzzzzz. . .


sleepy jeanne said...

"homeschooler's catnip" - perfect description. I can't wait to order our school stuff. For some reason I just can't get started until my Rainbow catalogue arrives, even though I don't get much from them anymore.
Glad you're having a great day :-)

Needleroozer said...

I just got back. THe kids were so mad at me for making it a moms' only event this year- they absolutely LOVED meeting Jim Weiss last year, and he remembered them this year and asked about them. He is a real gem. So even though they missed him, they still love me because I bought $50. worth of cd's for them.