Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, the nice lady was here and will be back again Tuesday next week so we can work on an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP). While I was signing the permission-to-share-info-between-organizations papers, Q, sitting on my lap, reached out and grabbed the pen. I (trying not to shout with glee) removed it from his hand so I could go on signing. He got it again, this time holding it firmly as I continued through the remaining papers. He put his other hand up and held the binder still (heh) 'til we were done.

S, meanwhile, has stated that Q is her "psychic." I'm pretty sure she means sidekick. She and K have snuggled up in S's bed all night the last two nights, so both have gotten stickers for remaining in their beds. Whatever engendered their fear of UFOs (?!) seems to fade in the presence of another living, breathing being--even holding Q calms their fears.

So next week will be busy. In addition to school, there's OT and a dental appointment on Monday, then DDD, WIC, court date, piano lessons, gymnastics on Tuesday. Counseling on Wednesday for the bigger four kids, maybe a field trip to pick up supplies for Valentine art projects? Thursday will bring gymnastics again, then therapy and library time on Friday. All this is dependent on how sick every/anyone is. Q's croupy again today. This is the third day of what promises to be a week and a half of the virus from hell, based on other's experiences. So far everyone else is healthy, but the incubation period seems to be about a week, so who knows.

At least the snow is going away! When I heard rain last night I just about jumped for joy. Silly, I know, but driving on ice or snow around here is like driving on half-frozen snot (hope you weren't eating there). It's true. It's hilly around here and the conditions are always horrid when it's below freezing--seemingly more so than other places. I don't mind it so much after living five years in a place that was wintry for real when it was actually the season (anyone for moving into a new house in three feet of snow?), but it's still nerve-wracking to slip and slide in transit, especially when so many people seem to forget how slippery things work. They slip. There's little one can do about it. Best not to fret, to plan ahead, be careful and get on with things. So today it's all the way up to 37F here and it's cause for celebration. Yee-haw.

I need to finish sorting through the piles of clothes in the living room and pack stuff to the appropriate places. I made it to Old Navy and The Children's Place again this week on the tip of a friend. Old Navy was having 50% off all their clearance items, so G has size 16 pants tucked away for his next growth spurt--they were between $4-$5 a pair. Nice, too. I picked up t-shirts at The Children's Place for $2.50 each, paid $15 for a very nice formal sort of dress for E to wear at the next Christmas recital (regular price was about $50?). We also got size 8-14 pants for the girls--for the next couple of seasons--same prices as G's. There were the sweetest little matching plaid pleated skirts with velvet ribbons and sparkly things (of course) that the girls can all wear at Christmas. I think they were about $7 each? Turtlenecks at Old Navy for about $2, a fleecy suit for Q for $4.50, a nice wooly sweater for him for the same. I hate to sound too dramatic over something as silly as clothing, but I adore finding things like this. If I can hit a great sale I try to buy ahead. I rarely have to spend time shopping for anything the kids lack, wardrobe-wise, and almost never buy anything at full price, meaning I spend less time in the stores which thrills me no end. (When did you last shop with five children in tow?) They're nice clothes at prices I can pay, bought and stowed for the little people I love. It fills lots of needs that aren't just about covering their little bodies to keep them safe from the risks of exposure in winter (or summer). By the time we fill in with things from doting aunties and grandmas, we're all set and with a minimum of fuss. And, dontcha know, I feel much less horror at tossing a pair of pants that had the knees loved right out of 'em when they were under $5 to begin with.

Off to do a little school, a little lunch, and haul the kiddoes out to tumble about 'til they're tired.


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