Thursday, January 25, 2007


Some days it's hard to keep up with everything.

Q's been sick. He was croupy last week and has been having Pulmicort and Xopenex in the nebulizer to address the crud in his throat/bronchii. The other night he went down at 7:30pm, and got up at midnight. My mom got up to be with him at 2:30am, so I slept 'til about 4:30? (It gets blurry here, sorry.) She took off for work around 6, and he slept until I had to get up to haul kids out for counseling--I woke him up about 8:30 so we could leave. Oy. 'Twas a long night.

As he's been on solids a little bit (though I cut that back because he was choking with the food and phlegm last week), he's gained a little weight--he's now about 23 lbs, 30" (50th percentile for both). So he was having more seizures with the virus--not unusual for him to have a few small "breakthrough" seizures with illness. But he was scheduled to go in the beginning of March to adjust seizure meds for probable growth anyway, so since the seizures haven't gone away with him now feeling better, I called up the neurologist's office and he increased the dose. The major side effect of his med is sleepiness. So the boy s l e p t last night. Sadly, I was up with back pain, so I didn't get quite the full benefit of his long night o' rest. Still, it's lovely to have rested some. Any sleep is very, very nice. Ahhhhh. . .

I'm going to go in this afternoon about the back pain. I've been taking enough ibuprofen to kill a horse, can't really avail myself of regular doses of narcotics (since I'm the adult in charge) and just need to do something else now. It's been a week; making the owies go away would be awesome. Have you ever noticed how much attention the floor needs when one has little children? I can't so much bend over to address it these days. Thank God for friends and family, man. Sheesh. I should say too that the kids have been great--I told them that they'd need to step it up since I'm a basket case right now. They've done a great job of doing everything from wheeling the trash cans out to the curb right away, to vacuuming, to retucking couch covers, to not jumping on me. Heh.

So that's what we're up to here. How're you?

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Amy @ the foil hat said...

Oh heck, Carrie ... you are soooo due for some easier times. If ever someone deserved a fairy godmother, it's you.

You and your kiddo's are never far from my thoughts.

As a distraction, I'm going to tag you for a meme on my blog.
If you have time to kill, do it, if not, no biggie.

Keep us posted and get a nap if and when you can. (((())))