Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Growing boy

Q's awesome PT fixed the wheelchair today - back pulled up higher, headrest dropped, side supports measured, repositioned and tightened down, footrest adjusted, and front tire re-inflated.  The setup looks great, though the chair now needs to be partially collapsed to get it into the van, or tilted back with the footrest closed in order to get it inside before it will fit inside.  The tire thing is driving me a little nuts.  We've been pumping them up over the last couple of weeks and they're clearly just not holding air for more than a couple of days.  I had hoped they'd hold better than that, since the budget isn't currently allowing for any unplanned purchases and I think we're out of the internal tire repair goo.  I'll look again tomorrow.

The boy has grown rather a lot since the surgery and ensuing appropriate management of gastric emptying, and now needs the next size up in leg splints and pants.  So crazy!  His therapists are currently working on prescription requests for 2-4 sets of hand splints, new AFOs  (feet), wheelchair, and walker/stander base. 

Meanwhile, Q has been spelling words in pool OT.  C-A-T,  W-E-T,  R-A-T,  T-A-P.  And "Ryan" - a pool therapy buddy.  This has prompted his OT to question whether or not he's getting enough cognitive stimulation in school.  Not because the team there is necessarily falling down on the job, but because he's a subtle and complicated kid, and therefore hard to read, hard to assess, hard to draw measurable responses from.  So.  Lots of challenges.  Never a dull moment!

Here's hoping you all are having a sweet fall, a lovely time of cozying in with your people, and looking forward to wrapping up 2012 - it seems like it's flying past!  XO.

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