Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day in the Life

12:04am - Reposition Q.
1:30am - Reposition Q.
4am - Awaken to Q giggling.
4:40am - Still giggling, shushing him is even funnier.
6:30am - Turn off alarm.
7:30am - Rocket out of bed as Q's helper arrives to feed him breakfast and get him off to school.
8:25am - Fly out the door with girls and breakfast, drive to violin lessons.  History CDs en route.
9:30am-12:50pm - Violin lessons, taking notes, make notes for history lesson plans, take several calls re: Q and meds, girls alternately in lessons, doing reading and math assignments, and cleaning/helping with punkins.
1:05pm - Freeway on-ramp, more history en route.
1:40pm - Deliver mom's cell phone to her at work and have lunch.
2:45 - After being stuck in traffic for too long, determine that there's no way I can get to Q's AAC appointment before it's over, head to get gas instead, swing by the discount plant dude.
3:20 - Arrive home, unload people, do reading exercises with one kid.
3:30pm - Q's helper arrives.
4pm - Leave for orchestra, plant research and history reading while girls practice.
6:10 - Arrive home, start soup.
6:20 - Head outside for a speed-clean and organization of garden (rain starts tomorrow), squish one kid's toe with wheelbarrow full of dirt (sob).
7:30pm - Feed the people.
7:45 - Q hits the sack with meds, research literature titles for download while one kid writes a fan letter to the author of her math curriculum.
8:45pm - Read two girls to sleep with Bunyan's original apology for The Pilgrim's Progress.
9:20 - Listen to last girl rhapsodize about algebra.  (Yes, algebra.)  (Not the same kid who wrote the fan letter.)
10pm - Last kid to bed.
11:11 - post this and dose Q's meds before falling into bed.  (thud)

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Carolyn said...

Good to see a post from you! Your days sound full and brimming over, but not crisis mode.

I hoe you have time for a peaceful few minutes during today to just draw breath and think magnificent thoughts.