Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm so glad it's Friday night.  Crazy week:  snow and wind and crazy cold;  friend with a newly acquired TBI (mild, thank God);  Q was flagging;  slippery roads overwhelmed by very rapidly falling snow;  more medical thinks to think;  weather reminding me of a different place we used to live;  my mom's recouping.

Q seems to have popped back nicely.  It'll be warmer tomorrow and the roads are bare and dry now.  There's lots of good info out there about TBI and said friend is taking appropriate measures.

I am excited to share that Q's PT peeps are looking to nail down another hour every week specifically for power chair training.  Yay!  Tangentially, this brings up a concern of mine:  could we all pray that the gas prices drop and stay down for awhile?  I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to manage the strangely fast-growing expenses.  Food is suddenly significantly more expensive too, and if we're about to be driving more miles...  Well, it brings a little shudder.

Deep breath and on we go, then.

I had another conversation with the pediatrician and we are looking at a referral to urology for a possible procedure.  She's noncommittal about the likelihood of such a thing, but in case youre keeping score at home, we're now up to four surgeries that may need to take place sometime in the next twelve months.  May need to.  I can always freak out later.  For now, I'll get the next appointments scheduled and see what the docs have to say.

A funny for the day.  Because without them, we lose our minds.

Here's hoping that your week-end provides basis for a good week-beginning.  Share some extra hugs around, maybe.  It's been a brutal week for some of the people and we could all use a little extra tenderness, right?


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