Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slide in

Aaaand it's Friday night.  Phew!

I have only a few things on the floor in the living room, after trying to organize all of  Q's stuff into a garage sale bookcase - fifteen bucks for oak with deep shelves.  Cool, huh?  The remaining items may not make the cut.  The parts still stymieing me are the "extra" bits for his chair and walker, the spare pads and such.  Some can go into a box on top of the shelves, others may need to live in his closet.  Closet.  Swoon.

Have we discussed my favorite things about this house?  First, the closet which Q is making good use of.  Apparently it's a "his" closet, being off the master bedroom and all.  Heh.  Most of his supplies are in there and I'm so glad to have it.  Second, the main floor bath and bedroom.  Modifications needed later, but if he isn't able to negotiate stairs at all, or a lift plus a few steps cannot be managed for him in the future, he still has his own accessible bedroom (which was maybe supposed to be a massage room, but unless you call me, when in the world would I manage to pull that off?  The word "busy" comes to mind.).  Third, the front steps are at precisely the right height for Q's chair to be lifted in and out without so much back strain.  Fourth, the hallways are wide, so we can get the chair around inside.  Fifth, the bar/counter with five stools all lined up - working on the adjustable base idea for Q so he could join us there.  Sixth, I have three closets here not associated with anyone's bedroom.  The entry closet, the hall closet (near the garage entry), and the linen closet upstairs.  The storage and the wall space (unpacked the paintings) just blow my mind.  Now to get curtains on any of the rooms besides my bathroom window... There's a great view of the sunrise over the mountains, but it is awfully nice to shower in the light.  Same view through my bedroom window - awesome thing, to keep watching sunrises over the snow and trees.  Wow.

Q has an appointment with ortho next week.  It was then or wait until late March or late May, so we're going with this option.  I'm waiting to hear back about dentistry, which I'll tell more about when I can hold my eyes open.  Yikes!

Hope your pre heart day weekend goes well. Give some hugs and get some, too.


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