Friday, October 15, 2010

TGI... F? Really?

How did we get to Friday?  Are we all sure that it is Friday?  If we have consensus, could we have an extra Friday?  Or two?  I could use a thirty hour nap.  I am sick.  Doesn't happen often, but when it hits, it goes for the jugular, man.  And the central nervous system.  I think I can safely pick stuff up and move it around now without accidentally wobbling my tippy self right down the stairs, thank you very much.  Now I'm just your average rotten cold kind of miserable.  Carry Kleenex with you at all times kind of miserable.  But not everyone whisper because mommy will melt if the papers or feet or breathing gets too loud kind of miserable.  Thank heavens.  I am not a patient sick person - too much stuff to do, you know?  That's actually how I can tell if I'm going down for the count - when I don't care about dishes, laundry, trash, etc., and when thinking about those things serves only to help me wish I were just dead, already.  When those things bug me again I am well on my way to recovery.  I must be nearly completely well, then.  Heh.

I have a bunch of nice kids, though.  One brought me soup the other night when I finally couldn't stay upright for another second.  One did a stealth run on clean sheets for me - surprise!  One rubbed my back, one took out trash, one did dishes, one did laundry, two took turns transferring Q, one slept through the night with only the wee-est of whimpers.  See how nice they are?  And no, I do not suddenly have nine children.  They were just that helpful and kind.  Or scared.  I have noticed that they snap right to attention when the mama whispers, "I do not feel well." 

Now that we're on the topic, this is truly one of my greatest fears:  that something could happen to render me not useful to the kids, and being that it's just me in the adult category...  yeah.  Best not to go too far down that primrose path.  Thankfully, other people have been around when I've been most debilitated, or we've managed really, really well on our own.  Back when I was pregnant with Q and then again when he wasn't sleeping, I lined up particular PBS or Discovery shows that correlated directly to history and science topics they were already studying, and I'd crash for part of an hour. Which just proves one of my long-held theories:  Necessity Desperation is the mother of invention.

The Kleenex box is calling.  Hope you have a lovely weekend.  XO.

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