Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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This was shared by my eldest.

This is a thought provoking view.  Fourteen minutes well spent, I think.


A conversation changer - on bullying.  And the follow-up.


I've pulled myself together, mostly.  The scheduling for a full-on nervous breakdown became a little dicey, so I've officially postponed it for the next fifty years.  One day I will want a nice pillow and a fluffy, soft blanket, and a cave where I can pull the rock over the entrance to block out the light, and then I will sleep for a decade.  But things are pretty busy here just now.  I'll just keep moving.  It's all good.

Grandma brought Q an iPad.  These types of events always leave me without my mouth hanging a little bit open.  Q did really well with the trial run he had during speech with the AAC guy's personal iPad.  It was very cool to see him slide and tap and play, clearly getting how it all works and managing to actually do it!  I'm sticking on the protective cover tonight so he can beat on the poor thing without actually killing it, and tomorrow sometime he'll be in full swing with letters and matching and sounds and coloring.  I think grandma may have done this partly out of self-protective instincts:  Q smashed in the keyboard on her netbook playing on kneebouncers.  Poor little piece of equipment has a prosthetic now - a regulation keyboard attached to a nine inch screen.  I don't think she minds too much, grandmas are often like that, but it's become clear that Q needed something of his own to play with, hopefully something that won't smash that easily.  Yikes.

I think the smash-happy boy is out so I'm going too. 

Pax, all you lovely people.

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