Friday, September 24, 2010



This has been one bizarre week, mostly because lots of Big Things have cropped up, each on their own section of the proverbial horizon, so that together they seem to have created a new landscape.  Vague enough for ya?  Sorry.

So here's as far as I'm willing or able to go with specifics:  there are some people, rather a lot as it turns out, some of them close to us (in the royal sense), who are wrastling major, heart-rending, soul-ripping, crazy-making issues.  Think for a moment, paging through your friends, family, acquaintances.  Anyone there who just seems out of sorts lately?  Probably in some very subtle, can't-put-your-finger-on-it way?  Call that person.  Email.  Stand and throw chocolates at their front door (preferably wrapped chocolates) until they come out and shriek at you that they're calling the cops.  Erm.  Until they come out and ask what's up.  And then you can take that person to lunch and offer them random but sincere words of encouragement and maybe ideas for resources until you're satisfied that your person is bolstered, somewhat, and you can go back to your regular routine of not annoying people by throwing chocolates at their front doors.  Tra la.


Someone you know needs a soft place to fall.  Be the feather bed.  Go hold a hand.  Move in for a hug and then give an extra squeeze.  One day, you'll be in need and unable to do so much as wave a hand as you go under, and someone will come and lob things at your front door.  Or throw you a life ring.  Whatever. 

Sorry for the mixing of the metaphors.  Q has had a rough couple of weeks, sleep-wise.  Today in the pool, I thought maybe he would take the toys and make a break for it, losing the PT in his spray.  Well, almost.  Heh.  He was pretty funny.  He worked so hard, standing up and reaching for and then grabbing and waving various toys.  Unreal.  And can I say how dearly we love the therapy people?  (I know that I just did, I'm getting punchy here, approaching downright dizzy, so just humor me...)  Q is probably the luckiest boy in the world for therapists.  Each of them is just awesome, all with different approaches, everyone funny and wicked smart, terribly resourceful.  I could go on and on.

Anyhoo.  It's been a super crazy week, evidenced by the fact that I am edging on toward vertigo.  Sheesh.  Since the boy is plumb worn out, I'm off to bed. 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, full of restoration and peace and time with those most dear to you.  Hoping also that you do take the time to reach out and tweak someone a couple of notches toward happy.  You, all by yourself, can make a huge difference for someone who might just be flailing.

"We are all in this together..."


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for the shout-out to therapists. Means a lot to all of us. Barbara