Thursday, September 02, 2010


I'm rewarding myself with a moment here, because I've all but finished certain portions of curriculum planning and wrangling for the school year.  First Year Henle is no longer scaring the bejeebers out of me, but I'm still expecting to be visited by spectors in the night:  The Ghost of Latin Past.  And of present subjunctive active.  And then of perfect and future infinitives active.

We began today and I'm just rounding out the rest.  This week is our "find your neck braces kids, and let's get ready to roll at full speed" week.  So the kids are immersed in workbooks and reading times and refreshing their wee (or not wee) heads on math concepts - how do math concepts just escape like that?  And I have one who is now a talker, who wasn't so much this way last year, and her sibs are not inclined to tolerate her happily in this regard.  We'll be working on that.

So I'll be writing actual lesson plans over the next few days, filling up our binders with spreadsheets and other bits and pieces that need to be adjusted, and cracking open a lovely box of new pencils.  Good times.  There are a handful of books to order yet, a couple from the UK, some from Amazon, and a few from more obscure (educational) publishers.

Earlier this evening (or yesterday) we attended the last concert in the park for the summer - a group of five young men who play all manner of stringed things, including fiddle, and are/were homeschooled.  The sense of humor and stage presence was neat - they were very comfortable up there, in contrast to some of the other acts we watched in other weeks.  Really talented guys, and we especially enjoyed the oldest's favorite hymn (Come Thou, Font of Every Blessing) and the youngest's take on James Brown's "I Feel Good."  So we're carrying that with us as we go forward to our own fun evening tomorrow, when we head out to a local assisted living facility to play our little hearts out for the residents there.

Happy almost fall, peeps!  In honor of the time of year, crack open a book you've been hoping to read.  You know you want to.  XO.


Carolyn said...

Henle! How fun!!! The subjunctive won't hit for a good long time, and the subjunctive fog is survivable.

I'd be happy to be a Latin resource for you. My kids passed out of Latin after Henle 2, but I still have a soft spot for it and would love to tackle the classics under a competent teacher or mentor some day. If I didn't have knitting or harp to wish I could do all day, that is.

C said...

Oooh! Thanks, Carolyn. I may just be in touch. :o) I hear you about the pining for creative pursuits - I'm watching my kids pick up and play with all kinds of fun stuff that I'd rather be doing than, say, paperwork. ;o)