Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am considering dreadlocks for myself. That's got to be less expensive than regulation hair styles, right? Or perhaps a nice bald head would be an effective option.

I spent four hours at the Children's hospital with Q today. Regular check-up kinds of things that aren't so regular if you have a more or less neuro-typical kidlet. Four vials of blood and hip x-rays he did with no problem, nary a squeak, giggled and entertained the staff throughout, but when we came home and I got out the saline nose drops bottle for his little congested head, he yelled and tried to get away. No kidding. He remembered having the goo sucked out of his sinuses the night before and he was not about to stay put for that kind of repeat assault, let me tell you.

More later, when I'm not about to tip off my chair. XO.

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Swims With Elephants said...

Having just cut my hair super short (again)... let me know what you want to do! :-) It's a bold step, to be bald, and not for everyone. ;-)