Saturday, August 29, 2009


Q's sleep thing has sorta kicked my butt this week. The worst was the morning that I handed him off to my mom at seven and went back to bed. I slept until nine. I was pretty sure that I'd had some sleep the rest of the night because I'd kept waking up. Wah.

But we're all basically healthy, and glad of it. Speaking of which, a friend's 12 year old sure could use your prayers. He's having bones put back where they belong in the morning. We were there when he fell. There was really no question that his arm was broken. Bones don't bend like that. Poor guy.

The floor is mopped, the kids clothes are folded and in their own baskets to be put away. Sadly, the dishes are waiting for morning -- too much noise, since Q is out. I pushed them to the back burner so I could do the bedtime routine with the girls. And then mop some more, because that's quieter than dishes. I'm all in, folks. Hope you have a lovely weekend, all.


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Swims With Elephants said...

Is it true that your secret identity is really Wonder Woman? I'm amazed at all you do, kiddo.