Friday, August 14, 2009

One down, one to go

The first week of fine arts academy is over.

We are exhausted, but thrilled with the cool stuff that's happened so far. The bigger kids helped shepherd through a couple dozen children from a local Boys and Girls club. They all did choir (including a very cool rap piece), and then guitar, percussion, and art. It was a mad sprint, with the kids arriving every day by bus -- public transportation being not especially timely, meaning that each class was a juggling exercise. But we had an artist come in and do a brief demonstration -- he'll be back for more next week.

One of the leaders commented to me when they arrived that they never get decent art supplies. Score! We're delivering sketch books, pencils, and newsprint pads along with their matted work and other completed pieces late this next week (they needed time to dry before transport).

What an incredible opportunity to have been involved in this, a volunteer effort funded by the people who put together the organization that makes the yearly Christmas outreach possible -- His Kids.

I need to say a huge public thank-you to all the people who have helped to make this possible -- friends and family for the home and Q parts (including grandma rearranging her work schedule to be here), and all the wonderful people who just kept popping in and asking how they could be of help. Are there lovelier words in the English language than "What can I do?" Maaaybe. Right now, those get top billing.

Next week will be longer days, more involved classes, more paint and paper and water and mats and mess and literally running from one thing to the next, taking three flights of stairs, three steps at a time. But the backdrop is done, and the four banners hung and waiting only for the collage additions from the next classes, the materials are all purchased and organized and ready, locked up safe in the pastor's study.

I don't know who's more excited, me or the kids, but it's hard to imagine being more excited than me right now. We get to sketch in a cathedral this week. Swoon.

Night, now. Gotta sleep fast -- I have more pieces to hang before services start in the morning.


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