Friday, May 30, 2008


So I'm on the phone with the pharmacy, trying again for the fifth time since Christmas to get the durned basket ordered for the silly Bingo chair. Argh. Let's imagine the nice hold music playing shall we? Do-do-do-wah....

The kids are safely delivered to their daddy. They're probably pulling their swimsuits out right now, ready to go jump into the pool, whether the water's warm enough or not, as any good, sturdy, authentic child would try to, threats of pneumonia and hypothermia be dashed. (grins)

The pharmacy apparently did not manage to link the size of Q's chair with the size of basket and so were too confused to call me back. (banging head on keyboard) I'll be driving over an hour round trip, over a toll bridge (banging head) to pick it up because I need it before it can get here via sales guy or delivery.

It blows my mind how different the cleaning process is with vs. without the kids. I tend to just sort of put my head down and not notice these things when in the midst of doing them. Then when they're not here, I notice. It's much more time consuming to teach while doing than to just do it all oneself. I've gotten enough stuff put away this morning (following the mad dash of packing) and the living room vacuumed so Q can have SpEd with his nice teacher at one this afternoon and now we're off to PT. More later.

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