Friday, May 23, 2008


A million trillion dollars to the first person to come up with self-matching socks. No baloney about "just buy socks in only one color." Nope. In order to take the prize, the socks must attract themselves to their proper mates and then fold themselves. Ready? Set? Go!!


E, reading through an intro to yet another aspect of fractions, amused and bemused: "That's weird. You know, fractions are one of the few things I like in math."

What? Woohoo!!


Q slept badly last night and then this afternoon managed to wind his finger into the elastics of his "little room." With nary a peep from him, the finger turned dusky, dark and scary. When he finally did complain and I saw what had happened, I was fumbling, I couldn't move fast enough, he began to shriek because by then it had to have hurt terribly. It scared me so badly, I'm still a little nauseous at the potential implications for the poor little guy. The color popped back nicely and he has only a small red line there now. Still. Yikes.


E cut herself on a can lid a while back. Though not a long cut, it was deep and gaping. She leaked through and popped off four band-aids which had been butterflied over it to keep it closed. What to do, what to do. Shall we spend hours in ER waiting for a couple of stitches while we all collect the icky bugs left behind by other patients or stick another band-aid on it?

I super-glued it shut. (!) The pediatrician looked a smidge startled when we explained the next day when I took E in for a tetanus shot. (Since I confessed to using plain old super glue vs. the prescription Dermabond stuff that's medically approved and all.) After reminders about what signs of infection to watch for, we were off without further ado. I think it looks pretty good, all things considered, but I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, nor would I advise that anyone else follow a similar course of action.

Her daddy will have an opportunity to check it out for himself and have the last parental/medical word when they go to see him next week.


That's it for now -- lots to tell again about Q, later, when I've slept again. Please do work on that sock-matching business. I and my sanity thank you.


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Anonymous said...

Just for fun and reassurance (and to give you the last word, if needed), I just met someone at a medical conference last week whose wife works for Dermabond (or Superglue - I can't recall) and apparently they are absolutely identical products - sterile, same chemical composition, etc., etc. Only diff is one costs 20 bazillion bucks per ounce and one costs 2 pennies. You're a smart mom! (Although please note that I am not making any medical recommendation at all in any way, shape, or form.)