Friday, January 18, 2008

C'est la vie

Nothing to tell about court. (Surprise!) We go back next Thursday*, this time for custody/visitation. I may take up crocheting so I can stop biting my nails, twiddling my hair, fidgeting nervously. (You know this is a bit of an exaggeration, yes? I don't have time to sit down unless I'm nursing, much less obsess so avidly over something where I have little control. See, I have these busy kids...)

My mom is home recovering nicely from surgery -- a hernia repair. School is picking up again. Q "did tricks" today with some help. I'm waiting to see what his PT says tomorrow and I'll be back to post about his new developments. The regular rhythm of things, such as it is, is steadily resuming.

Which means the decompression is in full swing. I had quite a conversation with E last night about the losses we're all suffering since Daddy isn't in the house anymore. I'd rather crawl naked over broken glass than to have to shepherd the kids through this hell. Especially, I suppose, since I can't justify it to them in any way.

I'm going to take my head out of that particular vice and toddle off to bed, rejoicing in the fact that the phlegm continues to recede. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow people will even recognize me on the phone again.

*Addendum: Actually, it will be 1/28, to deal with everything, not just custody/visitation.

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