Sunday, January 27, 2008

Before noon

Well, one is done puking, and the other is having that lovely barking cough. Wheee. Q slept a little better last night, even if he was up nursing enough times that I lost count. Another one has a runny nose/cough going on today. Yeee-ech.

We've had a lot of sunshine lately. Every day has been clear which means cold (brrr) since it's January. The little puddles froze more than a week ago, cracked up, and are now lying about in glassy pieces. Yesterday we had some precipitation, rain being snow, snow being rain, trying on personalities. It was good entertainment for the less ambitious among us. Today we're back to cold and sunny. Apparently our rain went to California. Prayers for the people living in those burnt out canyons. That will not be fun.

The Christmas cactus popped two pink and white blush-y blooms and we were grateful. There's something about this plant that makes one want to genuflect when it performs. We've done it! We've hit the perfect combination of sun, water, neglect and attentiveness! We are rewarded! It now has at least a dozen buds. This clearly has nothing to do with any of us or our efforts. It's 100% Serendipity and we're just going to sit here and enjoy it, properly humbled by the experience.

I'm heading back to my sickies and my feeder/grower then out to the chickens (wince). Have a lovely day, wherever you are. Maybe I'll even get back here with more later. (smiling and waving)

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