Thursday, December 27, 2007

R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.

Hey. So you're expecting a post or something, this being a blog and all, yes? Fasten your seat belt.

Tomorrow (or rather, today) we're flying South for the kids to have time with their dad and for me to delve into the remains of our family stuff, now simply the contents of a storage unit. (Could I maybe wake up and discover this has all been a bad dream? Please??)

K threw up several days ago but was feeling better almost immediately. E spent Christmas Eve on the couch, watching whatever TV anyone turned on or off for her, eating nothing, drinking a little, but feeling pretty well recovered by Christmas day. Last night, or rather during Wednesday's wee hours, Q started throwing up. This was complicated by the fact that S was in my bed, too wound up to properly sleep. Never mind Christmas, soon they'll be seeing daddy.

So Q's been cranky all day, it's been tough to pack (though the big kids, the ones who'll be off with their dad, are all done and ready to go), and then there was the last minute shopping trip. Gathering the last of the prescriptions and supplies. One of Q's scrips can't be refilled yet, but we'll run out while we're gone. Argh. Thankfully, it's not a seizure or startle med. You know, I once totalled up the monthly expenditures on prescriptions here. Not including meds for the nebulizer, it runs around $400 per month. Good grief.

I've been noticing that whatever radio station I happen to have on these days seems to have some sort of notions about being the soundtrack to current activities in my daily life. This has included strange runs in songs: Nice day to start again.....Don't mean nothin', no victim no crime, Don't mean nothin' 'til you sign it on the dotted liiiiiine.....She used to look good to me but now I find her (and our food arrives at the little drive-in of my erstwhile college years as we hear playing:) simply irresistible. As the kids are initiating a conversation about what happens when you're old and you die: Feels like I'm knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door.....Come on Baby, don't be afraid.....Seems like only yesterday but it was long ago.....Runnin' against the wind..... Driving away from my grandfather's funeral and that little town: The things you say, you're unbelievable.....We could make it better now, Tell me boy wouldn't that be sweet.....Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you.....Love me when I'm gone.....All you do is call me, I'll be anything you need..... That was a great concert. Fifteen years ago, was it? So was: East end girls, West end boys.....

And tonight: R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (sing with me) Rockin' in the U.S.A. As I was pulling out of the parking lot to race home, divvy up the stuff and pack like mad, it made for a good upping of the adrenaline kind of song. The ubiquitous Christmas music has probably kept me from losing my mind listening to all those old lyrics. Silent Night is pretty predictable. And peaceful. And welcome.

So my mom has just finished sewing bibs for the drooling Q--one is a super boy bib 'cause it looks like a cape. For him to wear when he's feeling super, of course. The bibs will go into the bags. I had a nice chat with the airline about how to do things with a special needs kiddo. We'll be getting there early, of course, and have a little extra time for boarding in order to get all the stuff stashed appropriately.

Please pray that Q feels better. It's so hard to have the normally happy little guy feel so very bad. It just breaks my tired heart.

I was packing like mad a little while ago when the news was on. Guess what. Oh, come on. Guess.

It's going to snow while we're sleeping. Enough to complicate traaaaaaaaffic. And make us take extra time and maybe detours to get to the aaaaaaaairport. At least it isn't like last year's holiday trip to see daddy, with all it's fun of trying to get four kids ready to travel during our five days without power thanks to the wind and freezing rain.


This is funny, isn't it? I mean, isn't it?? I'm sure we'll muddle through just fine and be no worse for the wear. It reminds me of the day we had when we were flying from Salt Lake City, the day after the post 9/11 regs were instated. Since the Olympics were about to happen there, of course it was the tightest of all possible airports that day. K had an ear infection, G and E had recovered, I was pregnant with S. We got there the full 2 1/2 hours ahead that they'd recommended only to find that the line to check in stretched at least five times the distance it usually would. We spent the day in the airport. K hadn't wanted to eat, even though the antibiotic was making her feel obviously better, so when she wanted to drink from the 44 oz. cup of Sprite, her daddy let her. She sucked it down and we smiled, thinking, "Thank God she's feeling a little better. Maybe food will be next!" Nope. She started running around, chasing G and E. Then she started to cough. And cough. She coughed so hard she threw up all the Sprite on the floor of the silly little airport restaurant. When a certain someone tried to get the attention of the employee behind the counter to ask for a mop, etc., she couldn't understand him. It seemed there was a language barrier. Eventually, he said, "MY DAUGHTER THREW UP ON YOUR FLOOR." Someone else came up from the back to take care of it. Rather quickly. (Heh.)

I'm sure tomorrow will be nothing like that, though. It'll be smooooooth as can be. We just have to get through security with all our prescriptions and Q's special foods (hopefully the Dr's note will arrive via fax first thing in the morning), and we'll be fiiiiiiiine. And anyway, even the potential crummy scenarios are sweet because of whom they're shared with. Even the strange and stressful stuff can be oh, so precious. Even really, really funny.

I'll be "out" for a while. I've no idea when I'll be next to an internet connection. Perhaps not until January 12. While I'm "out," go take a look at this nice person. She's come across some cool stuff about the female brain and has said she'd be writing about that, among other things. Compelling stuff, that neuro function thing. We had her Chocolate Bread Pudding -- made with croissants -- for brunch on Christmas Day. (See my eyes rolling back in my head?) Maybe if you ask nicely, she'll post the recipe. She's nice that way.

Have fun. And a Happy, blessed, peaceful New Year. Thanks for thinking of us all. I'll be back soon.



Anonymous said...

I loved that Robert Palmer song... "She's so fine...". Have fun(?) in Cali.


Cassandra said...

I'm praying for you while you're slogging through this.


Cindy Harvey said...

Happy Birthday Q! Has it been 2 years?????

Hope your trip is going well. You're an amazing mother, you know. Amazing.