Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rabbit, rabbit

Happy December! The race to Get It All Done is now officially on. Good luck with that.

I wonder if the kids remember the year that their daddy was on call on Christmas Eve, so we finished up our ongoing reading aloud of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with him miles and miles away in the call room and us holding up the speaker phone so he could hear too. Maybe they were too young to really recall the whole thing, but we all laughed like crazy. They got such a kick out of having him "there" via phone and doing prayers all together after... It's a great book. Maybe we'll re-read it this year. We've also done One Wintry Night, several years running now. I wonder if the littles would be thrown into nightmares by A Christmas Carol?

The morning will find us off to church, children's choir, and participating again in this year's His Kids event. It's something many churches around the country do. G is somewhat reticent this year, but we'll see. S is still a little too young to participate, I think. It was a good experience for G and E last year, and hopefully for the two busloads of children who came and took part, and I'm sure it will be again this year.

Have a good sleep.

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annie said...

Yikes. What happened? That is what I can not get my mind around after reading your blog. How did you both end up HERE from There? And can you make your Peace with HERE? I will pray for your children.....