Thursday, May 25, 2006


K is wearing her bangs in braids tonight as she sleeps. Just her bangs. Why? Because she's growing them out, they're bugging her, and I needed something to make her laugh. Ta da! I had no idea it would be quite so well received. E gave her a nice back rub (lotion, too, never mind that it was sunblock) and between the two of us sufficiently humoring her, K was out like a light. She's the middle one, you know, so there's sometimes just the faintest edge of paranoia that we're all in on a joke that she either hasn't heard all of (which is very bad all by itself) or is (cringe, wince) the butt of.

To the best of my recollection, she has never, ever been the butt of any joke. She is vigilant, determined that it remain so. E was telling tonight about the funny "squeezy containers" for condiments that Costco had and how she just laughed and laughed every time she saw or thought about them. K was so concerned that E not be laughing at her. Maybe it's not a middle child thing. Maybe it's a girl thing. Aaaaaaaaa!!!! There are three of them. Will I survive the girl thing? C'mon. Whip out your crystal ball and tell me.

It's a good thing they're cute, even when they're paranoid, foot-stomping, howling balls of rage. Especially then. Yesterday she brought Gramma the remainders of her root beer float and said, "Here, Gramma. I don't need any more. I'm sweet enough already." Big grins. Yes, she is. Almost all of the time, which is more than some people get. So I'll remember that and save it for later, when we don't "feel like" putting away our clean laundry. Grrr.

Anyone have pointers for me here? I had no sisters, so I feel just the wee-est bit out of my depth with this girl thing. Do I need to increase my life insurance policy to pay for their therapy should they drive me to an early grave?

We'll be fine. Breathe, breathe, breathe. How early does PMS start, anyway?

I shouldn't complain, really. They're great little shoppers. We hit up the Children's Place a few days ago and man, they are such girls! They were finding sizes and colors and coordinating outfits like mad. We walked out of there with three gigantic bags and one medium bag for $152 and change. I love those 50% off sale price sales. And the girls seem rather talented at this. Oh dear. Maybe I should up the life insurance to help with the impending shopping habit...

Croupy little guy's coughing. Argh. It just makes me weep with frustration to have so little I can do for him. Poor baby. Given all the rest of the crud he's having, shouldn't he get a free pass on ever having a microbial illness? With whom should I file that complaint?

Off to Q and his sweet, fat little cheeks. Aw.

Rest and be restored.

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Skoolinmom said...

Having 4 girls I can tell you that I absolutely do not have any answers. I had no sisters (or brothers) either so this is all new to me. It is a very precarious place to be, but it is also a fun place. If you can get through the squealy years, the middle school years are a little better, once the initial hormone thing levels out. That is another story. I am right there with you. They are funny, aren't they?