Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Funny girl

So S is chattering away to Gramma as they're getting dinner together. "Look, Gramma. First you have the summer, then you add the salt--sommersault! Look! See my summer and my salt?"


I hope I don't ever completely crack up to her face. I'd hate to sensitize the poor thing to mommy's looney sense of humor; I so enjoy hers, just as it is. What completes the picture is the fact that she, the skinny kid, buzzes around like a bee on speed most of the day, but is knocked out cold in under three minutes by me reading Bible chapters aloud at bedtime. I wonder what her sub/unconcious does with that? "And Joseph kept Simeeeooooooon....." Thunk. And she dreams all night about the guy in the rainbow coat and his crazy, sociopath brothers and their donkeys with feed sacks? Do you think in her dreams that the bags of silver do little dances to Disney-esque music? Five, six, seven, eight..... "He put us baaaaaack/ Back in the saaaaaack...."

There's a reason I skipped over the story of Lot. Poor S has all she can handle without the salty wife, never mind his wretched daughters.

Q was especially fun and snuggly today. Letting go of his tone easily when we were doing stretches, working to corral that unruly thumb that kept escaping his mouth. I love baby drool. Good thing, too. It was a no shower day, so I've got today's drool and a nice foundation of baby drool build-up from yesterday. Hey. At least it wasn't spit up. That would be a whole other story. Yee-ech.

Well, my day is complete. I've just dispatched a mosquito midair. Take that, Ralph Macchio. (I know it's not the same thing, fly eyes being what they are. Just let me have my moment with my tired reflexes. Thanks.)

Hugs and kisses for those little ones. Sleep well.

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