Saturday, October 05, 2013


My grandmother turned 91 recently.  She's not as well as she has been.  My family descended upon her to sing and chat, one or two at a time, and wish her well.  The brightest moments I saw were when I asked her if she remembered teaching me to read notes when I was four, and then when the girls and I sang hymns and folk songs.  I'd like to see her again soon.

The girls are busy, busy, busy.  The challenges in getting three conflicting schedules met have kind of turned out to be a blessing.  While "stuck waiting," the girls have been able to make good use of practice rooms and library spaces, getting creative with their time in order to manage their goals.  They're working to pay for their orchestra dresses and other music expenses.

One of Q's OTs mentioned today that it's probably time to think about different solutions for bathing.  There's a rolling seat that (I think) cantilevers over the tub so there's no transferring a slippery, heavy kid into and out of tubs.  Right now, E and I lift him in and out, while grandma or K "catch" him in a towel.  So the rolling seat may be available for loan next week.  The possibility of a great solution is pretty exciting.

The house is quiet so it's time to crash. 

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