Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Good Things

1.) Attentive pediatrician who calls after hours to talk through options for Q's apparent allergies, ask after K's foot, and who thinks both inside and outside the box when looking for solutions.

2.) Q's new developments in therapies:  in addition to the video of the bull/matador game in the power chair from last week, this week he nailed verbs and nouns in Speech.  He continues to amaze his therapists and they continue to come up with new stuff for him to do.   Next up: modifying math and grammar curricula for summer study.  The family "summer term" begins June 24. 

3.) Exquisite kindness.  It is humbling, gratifying, inspiring, and none of those words are adequate, really.  There are some delightful folks on the planet.  I am so glad.

Okay, one more.   Because what's not to love about brain-controlled flying robots.  When the professor indicated that those most likely to benefit from his research are those in uncooperative bodies, rather than the stock answer of military applications, I nearly wept. 

Happy weekend, lovely people.

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